Message from the President / Corporate philosophy

We set out to be a company who makes a social contribution through its business activities and lets our employees and their families happy at the same time.

We, Shinko Boeki, were established in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan as a representative of Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. in the USA. We foresaw from the market movement at that time that synthetic rubber would be more popular than natural rubber in several industries hereafter. This was our original motivation to build the company.

Through our import and sale of special types of synthetic rubber in the Chemical industry, our business had been operated and expanded smoothly. In the process, we had purposely developed our new business line with Truck and Trailer industry which becomes an essential part of our whole business at this moment. This new challenge started: Firstly, we sold a special coating agent to Truck manufacturers. This product was to prevent a deterioration of the tire (rubber) surface from ultraviolet light. Second, we tried and sold a special sealing agent for the connecting portions of marine containers to trailer builders. After that, we have had agency rights with several world-famous manufacturers of the connecting devices (electrical, air & mechanical) between trucks and trailers. On the other hand, we have also developed our new business connections not only to Food industry but also to Household product industry through our business experience and knowledge in Chemical industry.

Our corporate philosophy is that we make a contribution to the social economic activity as a corporation. For this, we fairly make a tax payment with an appropriate amount which is comparable to our sale profit obtained through our business activity. Consequently, our goal/aim is that all staffs working for our company are proud of their work and company, and everybody including their families will have a healthy & happy life.

The origin of our company name, Shinko Boeki, is: “Shin” means “Expansion”. “Ko” means “Industry”. “Boeki” means “Trading”. In short, we import good products from all over the world and make a contribution to a wide variety of industry. Consequently, we do hope to make some assistance of their developments. Thanks to loyal patronage from our business partners and customers in a variety of industry, we were able to have the 50th anniversary in 2016. We all will try our best for the success of another 50 year period.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as well.

Hiromu Nozawa, President
Shinko Boeki Co., Ltd.